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He turned a deaf ear to their request. Success is not possible without diligent work. We need to get help. It won't do you much good. You're afraid the same thing will happen to you, aren't you? Those men are soldiers. I could not make myself heard above the noise. That just baffles me.

I didn't do too badly. If I were twenty, I could vote. I'll go and see Toft. Deirdre always tells the truth. I would be very pleased if you did this for me. You should be able to carry that bag on.

The roses that you gave me are very beautiful. That only makes it worse. The meeting begins at three. This artist has a very distinctive style Beth doesn't have a basement.

I don't appreciate being set up.

I'm stuck. It's possible Sho won't attend the meeting today. When I woke up, there was a burglar in my room. The arrow fell wide of the mark. Please ask only one question at a time. I have very little time at my disposal. We aren't very hungry yet. This casino is losing money. She lay still with her eyes closed. Death is a sad matter, but life goes on.

You had better make a reservation in advance. Not words but action is needed now. Good health is more valuable than anything else. I hope we have a white Christmas. I emailed Vilhelm his homework.

Rupert returned home disappointed.

Does the government really care? To be mad is to greet.

There were not many doctors in the gold fields. They were better than I expected. How do I know you won't steal it? Mario was sent on a mission. What was he doing when you saw him? Have you ever failed a class? Today is Sunday. I don't like roosters.

Everything that you say may be used against you. Music is troublesome. It seems that no sooner have you created it, than it in some strange way fades its original spark that was glorified by your mind. Rogue needs an operation. Could you wake me up when Randell gets here? They kissed in the rain. Who else uses this room? He stared into the distance. The forest was thick and impenetrable.

He acknowledged his mistake. Google is a liar. He has committed suicide.

Jenine isn't the least bit worried about the weather. I need some time.

Tell them why you can't go. With winter coming on, they have to buy a lot of fuel. Gil's working. These animals are going in different directions. I've been hoping to meet you. "Did you call me today?" "Yes, I called once in the morning."

You shouldn't have shown Dimitry the pictures. Can I open my eyes now?

How do you think Hirofumi found us? Sharon is the only one I'll talk to. By the time I woke up, it was late already. I don't know how to get there.

I thought Merat would come to pick me up. I'll give you all the time you need. We meant it. Don't make me mad. I wish you had helped me. Can't you see I'm busy? I'm telling you nothing happened. Tao will be busy most of the afternoon. Let's play volleyball. That felt so good.